Grow Box 5000 Alpha Unit

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This beautiful indoor grow box is semi automatic (fully upgradable to automatic).  It weighs 60lbs, and sits on a 20″x20″ base.  Featuring full spectrum adjustable height LED lighting, the system is ideal for growing hemp and cannabis, but can be customized to grow the vegetables you crave.

Other features:

Full feature ebb and flow hydroponics with a 4 gallon reservoir; Drain system; 12 volt water pump and filter; Easy access water fill port with level indicator; Easy access nutritional sampling port.  Also included are an inlet air system with Hepa Filter, an exhaust air system with activated carbon filter, temperature and humidity control.  Optionally, we can provide TDS and PH meters as well as computer monitoring and reporting.

Exteriors available include stainless steel (pictured), black or white.  Both come with UV protection.  Ask about custom exterior options and sizing!

Note: This machine is fully upgradable to Level 2.